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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back - Atari ST [038] Short PlayThru

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...  The Empire Strikes Back, the sequel to the Star Wars arcade game released in 1982, was released to arcades in March of 1985.  This game is a vector graphics title like its predecessor, and remains that way for the port to the Atari ST.

The game consists of four waves.  The player first starts in a snow speeder doing a probe hunt, which is followed by a battle with AT-ATs and AT-STs on hoth.  The third wave moves the player to space in the Millenium Falcon to battle Tie Fighters, followed by the fourth wave of dodging asteroids.  After playing through the waves, the player is returned to the first wave on Hoth at a harder difficulty.

Control on the ST is by the mouse, and it works well.  I really have no complaints about this title; it is a pretty close port from the arcade original. Graphics are pretty spot on, I think, and the sound was adapted to the ST's sound chip quite well.

This is one of three Star Wars games brought to the ST. The original vector Star Wars and the raster Return of the Jedi were also ported. Hopefully I will eventually capture those titles as well.

Capture info -

This video was captured on December 22, 2019.

Game was played on an Atari 1040 STf, TOS 1.4, 1MB, equipped with a CosmosEX from Jookie.
A Best Electronics ST Monitor to VGA cable was used, connected to an OSSC 1.6 (processing the video in Line4x mode), with the output being captured by a Startech USB3HDCAP.

Video was edited with Shotcut.

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