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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Atari ST Compacted Disk (CD) Scrollers [391] Section One CD #009

Here is Section One CD #09, which is an odd disk.  It contains utilities for the ST and the SNES!

Disk Contents -

  1. Binary Editor (BED) 1.05
  2. File Splitter
  3. Rob Northern Copylock Backup/Restore Utility 1.0
  4. Snes Disassembler 1.1
  5. Flashback (walkthrough)
  6. The Disk Magician 1.2
  7. Mega Depack 2.01
  8. Pixel Grabber
  9. ProbeST 2.0
  10. Snes/Famicom Utility 1.6
  11. Ultimate Virus Killer 5.7GB
  12. Andyload 3.7

Scroll Text Transcription -

AND READ THE FOLLOWING                                                    USE THE MOUSE TO SELECT THE WARZ ON THE SCREEN         OR         PRESS    T    TO CHANGE SCROLLER                    PRESS    H    TO CHANGE HERTZ                    ARROW KEYS TO SELECT PROGRAM                    SPACEBAR TO EXC THE PROGRAM                            OK LETS START THIS MUTHER FUCKER                                          HELLO AND WELCOME TO SECTION 1 COMPACT COLLECTION 9            ON THIS MENU YOU WILL FIND     ANDYLOAD 3          A RAW DATA GAME AND CRACKING UTIL       A BINARY EDITER PROGRAM           A FILE SPLITTER             SNES DEBUGGER         ELITE DOCS NUMBER 6          MAGICIAN 2             MEGA DEPACK VERSION 2.1            PROBE ST VERSION 2              UVK VERSION 5.7             AND SOME GREAT SNES UTILS  BY ELITENDO                    CREDITS FOR THIS MENU GO TO        GFX  BY  EMLING             MUSIC  BY  EXCELLANCE IN ART        MENU COMPILATION AND PACKING BY KRS-ONE         INTRO CODED BY WTP        SORRY FOR THE HUGE GAP BETWEEN MENU 8 AND 9         WE AT SECTION 1 ARE VERY LAZY    OR YOU COULD SAY    VERY BUSY BEING LAZY             DOES ANYONE LIKE AMERICAN FOOTBALL ?             DID YA LIKE THE WAY DALLAS COWBOYS KICKED ASS!!!  ?          OK TIME TA CHILL OUT SO I'LL SEES YA ALL LATER ON MENU 10                                                        ÿ GREETINGS FLY OUT TO              ELITE   ESP. SLEDGE AND SIDEWINDER          CYNIX          ICS  ESP. TROED AND ZAPHOD B           ADR  ESP. MOOKIE          THE JOKER          WIZARD          FLASH  ESP .EXTERMINATOR         SYNERGY  ESP. CHROME          LYNX          PURE ENERGY  ESP. BFG         SUPERIOR  ESP. WANDERER          GIANTS          EXCELLANCE IN ART          SUPREMACY  ESP. HEKTIK           ATF  ESP. DF         STRANGER          OUT OF ORDER          FUZION  ESP. ELLFIRE          ETC   ETC   ETC   ETC   ETC          WRAP!!!!!                            ÿ          - CHANGING TO OTHER SCROLLER -

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