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Sunday, December 1, 2019

The 25ish Days of Christmas - The upcoming madness for YouTube this month!

So, I had a thought, a crazy, totally insane thought!  Let's try to post a Christmas related demo each day leading up to Christmas.  Why not try the twelve days of Christmas?  That would be a sane and rational plan, and of course that would be the proper choice...

So, why the 25ish Days of Christmas?  Because Christmas related posts will most likely extend past the 25th day, but I make no promises for how long.  Certainly the madness will end by 1/1.  Big question will be, is there enough content?  (YES!)  Will I be able to repeat this next year?  (Unknown!).

So, starting today, a new intro and outro, with a demo released in 1985. There will be an Atari ST demo posted each day, and a few days may have some extras.  Also, as many as 4 Retro PlayThrus CID CD's will hopefully be released throughout the month of December containing many of these releases related to the season.  And when I say Atari ST, I mean it, no STe's or Falcons, at least not this year.  If I dare do this again, even the Neo Geo might need to join the holiday cheer as well!

Now don't judge these demos too harshly.  All calibers are included, including a few simple silent slideshows scenes, mainly to round out getting released items from as many different years as possible, and filling the calendar.

Since time became an issue when putting this together, I did not take the time to rip or transcribe the scrollers from all of the posted demos this month.  Some will have them, but most will not.

Anyway, the first video will go up at the usual time today, with a RPT CD release after tomorrow's video posting.

Merry Christmas!

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