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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Snowman Atari ST Demo MEGA 4 Version Comparison [4K] - The 25ish Days of Christmas - Eve BONUS 6!

Here is my first 4k video, and first comparison video.  I have a few comparison videos at various stages of completion, but I was never happy with the progress.

This comparison video is also rough, but does show the difference between the four major Snowman releases and remakes.

Basically what I did here is run through all four videos 1 time, playing the audio from the one with a speaker shown on the screen to show the video clip the audio is coming from.  Some commentary is displayed in the middle at different points.

What are my overall thoughts of the different demos?  The original, and the POV version are very close, and I would almost edge out the POV version to be a little better than the original because of the usage of the whole screen.

The 'recoded' version has a slight timing difference from the original; it moves a little slower. I still do not really notice an improvement.

For the '2009' version, there is really no comparison with the others.  This is the demo remake, to honor the original.  It is much longer, and includes additional effects, along with a new intro. 

My recommendation would be to start out with the original demo, or the POV redo, and then check out the 2009 version, but you can skip the recoded version.

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