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Friday, July 2, 2021

Atari ST Compacted Disk (CD) Scrollers [719] Floppy Copy Crew CD #011


Here is Floppy Copy Crew CD #11, with a mini Rambo as the star of the menu pic.

Scroll Text Transcription - 

The \ proudly present         |#      %          It has come our attention that some people were having problems with the STOS complier on @3 so we have re-issued this @ you can tell this by the menu decrunch it is now black & white.          Right on with |# scroller:       There are a couple of other PRGS on this @ that are not on the menu so you'll have to go to desktop to find them.       Blitz 5.0 is the real software that was written for blitz by the people who designed it, not one of the lame text edited versions (This does not include the modified versions by Jobil) which have been floating about.           If you have any business or utilities which you use regulary then send us a copy of them.     There are no slaggings on this disk and there will be no more unless they are well deserved,  but there are some greetings on this scroller.      So greetings to:       NEW ORDER (Esp EDDIE)    <>     LAWZ    <>    THE MEDWAY BOYS    <>    F.O.F.T    <>    DELIGHT    <>    THE EMPIRE    <>    HOTLINE    <>     THE BOUNTY HUNTERS (Esp C.P.)    <>    STCS (Esp RACH, will HackforKix contact us)                 Coming soon from The \ is  Word Processors 1  +  Language 1  +  STOS 2  +   What ever good stuff you send us . . . . .                              \ members are:          ^       %        ~       %        [        %                      until the next \ production this is ^ leaving you to try out some our |#                                                  \ 3/5/90                                   

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