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Monday, July 19, 2021

Atari ST Compacted Disk (CD) Scrollers [731] Floppy Copy Crew CD #015


Here is the Floppy Copy Crew CD #15, a disk full of GFA related items!

Scroll Text Transcription - 

Here we have GFA disk 1,//What else can we say??/// Oh there are a few README.PRG's on this disk,/as usual press ESC to get to desktop and then you can read them./// GFA Basic is actually version 3.5E (The Latest?), I didn't put this on screen as at the time of drawing the menu options as I didn't know what version #$ was packing./././././// Anyway GREETINGS TO:/// NEWORDER (esp Eddie)/-/THE POMPEY PIRATES/-/AUTOMATION (esp VAPOUR)/-/THE BOUNTY HUNTERS (hi CP & NICK)/-/F.O.F.T./// DIRTY TRICKS BRIGADE (message from #$: Where's my disk drive????)/-/S.T.C.S (esp Rach & Hack4kix)/-/ELRIC/-/THE NORFOLK BOY/-/F.O.F. /-/THE MEDWAY BOYS/-/THE LOST BOYS/-/WIZARD/-/SEWER (Nice docs)/-/TEDDYSTACKER/-/And to all our FRIENDS out there in ST Land./// must just say credits for this disk are:/Music:/Ripped from Nether World by \]^//Coding:/\]^//Packing:/#$//Pic supplied by:/ERLIC//Software Supplied by:/PAUL (The WOP!)/////  //////IMPORTANT MESSAGE:///

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