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Thursday, July 15, 2021

Atari ST Compacted Disk (CD) Scrollers [728] Floppy Copy Crew CD #014


Here is Floppy Copy Crew CD #14, and this menu pic brings thoughts of Blade Runner to my head.

Scroll Text Transcription - 

Welcome once again to another _` production//STOS %2   @@/// This disk should be used in conjuction with _` %3 which contains STOS Language, Compiler, Accessories, etc//There is a README.PRG on this disk so have a read. . . . . .///  _` members are:/\]^/#$/[///// We've got a couple of new wave-forms for this scroller. . . . ./Bet you can't guess what the other one is!!/// Well I (\]^) have got 10 weeks off college for the summer so there should be a new style menu by %18??//// Enough about my hol's on with the important things//Greetings to:///  The Pompey Pirates (Esp Lawz)/</Neworder (Esp Eddie)/</S.T.C.S. (Esp Rach & Hack4kix)/</The Medway Boys/</Automation (Esp Vapour, if you're still a member?)/</The Norfolk Boy/</Flame of Finland/</The Deliquants (Esp James & Adrian, I will code you guys a menu very soon.)/</F.O.F.T./</The Lost Boys (Have you read the scroller on %13 yet?)/</The Empire (What no greets guys?)/</ST Amigos (Esp Sheri, will jump the bottom as well next time!!)/</Elric/</The Dirty Tricks Brigade/</Wizard/</The Bounty Hunters/<//Message to Firecracker:/Try using DEVPAC instead of DISKDOCTOR!!!/</And a big hi all our friends out there in ST land/// /./././././././Credits://Music:  Ripped from a Pompey desktop tune!!//Coding:  \]^//Packing:  \]^//Graphics:  [//Distribution:  #$/// /W/R/A/P/// W/R/A/P//////

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