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Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Atari ST Compacted Disk (CD) Scrollers [722] Floppy Copy Crew CD #012


One of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (not sure which) is cutting open this menu from the Floppy Copy Crew, CD #12.

Scroll Text Transcription -

Welcome to _` DISK 12.///  The NEW _`  @@@/members are:/ \]^/@@/#$ /@@/ [  /@@/I (\]^) am now coding (In machine code!) the menus for the _` as you can see this menu is a great improvement over the previous ones . . . . . . ./// We have got a Multi-Waveform proportional scroller!!!!/No TOP border and a HBL doing the scroller colours!!/// And I did say Multi-Waveform scroller./You can expect to see some great new menus in the near future,   #$  has expanded our supply<>Distribution network/// So you will see brilliant menus with the latest and most useful programs on./// There are quite a lot of configuration programs and other little things on this % to be used in conjuction with the programs on this menu, so to use them press ESC to get to desktop../// What would any scroller be without the greetings???//So greetings go to:/// NEWORDER (esp Eddie)/-/THE POMPEY PIRATES (esp Lawz, what no 1st class stamps??)/-/VAPOUR (Thanks for the greets, don't give up the heat will die down!)/-/THE BOUNTY HUNTERS (hi to PHILL, ANDY & NICK - I'll come and see you guys again soon)/-/F.O.F.T./-/DIRTY TRICKS BRIGADE (Watch the 11 sector %'s!!)/-/S.T.C.S (esp Rach, long time no hear)/-/ELRIC/-/THE NORFOLK MAN/-/F.O.F. (national service??)/-/THE MEDWAY BOYS (like the music zippy, could well hear it soon)/-/AUTOMATION/-/THE LOST BOYS (wicked Mindbomb demo)/-/WIZARD/-/SEWER (Nice docs)/-/TEDDYSTACKER (Thanks for the tactful greets!!)/-/And to all our FRIENDS out there in ST Land./// Also of interest are a couple of disks produced by The _` but not on menus:   MONO ONLY 1 (Script + Disktool box + Harlekin)  &  Printmaster (Printmaster plus + 1000 extra graphics and few other printmaster related prgs)//Oh and case you haven't already found out the password for sage accounts is FCC/// This disk works in Hi-Rez,  there insn't anything fancy just a selections screen,  cause this is what the mono-people say they want (If this isn't the case then let us know and we'll have scrollers etc in Hi-Res)/// Scroller wraps. . . . . . .//9//8//7//6//5//4//3//2//1//0/// .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .Oh forgot to say credits for this disk are:/Music:/Ripped from an AUTOMATION CD!!//Coding:/\]^//Packing:/#$//Graphics:/[/////NOW WRAP////

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