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Friday, July 26, 2019

Atari ST Compacted Disk (CD) Scrollers [282] Floppy Copy Crew CD #004

A large variety of drawing software is contain in Floppy Copy Crew's CD #004.

Disk Contents -

  1. Degas Elite 1.1
  2. HyperPaint
  3. Paint Pot
  4. Spectrum 512 1.01
  5. Flexidump 3.02
  6. Flexi Catalogue
  7. Flexi Customiser 3.02 [monochrome]
  8. Degas Font Editor 1.10
  9. Degas-to-GEM Font Converter
  10. G+Mini Accessory

Scroll Text Transcription - 

Welcome once again to another totally wicked \ production.  This time it's @ ART 1 @    Very Important message!.  The ASSIGN.SYS file on this disk at the moment is for a 1 MEG machine2 if you have only got 512k (Buy an upgrade) then rename ASSIGN.SYS to 1040.SYS and then rename 512.SYS to ASSIGN.SYS.  This is because the 1 MEG version loads a large amount of GDOS fonts, if you do this on a 512 you have no work stations in DEGAS!,  Fonts in the folder that start with PP are for PAINTPOT.       So what do you think of this new proportional font?,    Rather nice eh!,  music has also improved since disk 3 (STOS yuck).  This new font was scaled and redrawn along with the logo's by  ^     Proportional scroller code by  |    Artwork by  [ ROBO [          Greetings  LAWZ  -  NEW ORDER ( Esp EDi )  -  ST AMIGOS ( Esp Sheri,  Thanks for the USA distribution lads and lass! )  -  POMPEY PIRATES  -  THE MEDWAY BOYS  -  SEWER ( Nice Docs )  -  F.O.F.T  -  TCB ( Wicked SOWHAT Demo )  -  STCS ( Esp Rach )  -  STE Designers ( Messed that one up guys )  -  The Big D  -  DEREK MD ( Mega supplier Extra-ordinaire )  -  The DEMO CLUB ( Esp John )  -  The EMPIRE  -  HOTLINE  -  THE LOST BOYS.             Important(ish) Message Flexicat will print a directory of screens on a disk, copy it to another disk to use it properly.      Anyone wishing to contact us   Place an advert in Micro Mart and greet us  ( eg Hello to The \ )  and we will get in touch will you,  Please send us some new utilities ( NOW ).        \ members are :     ^     |     ~                          As usual this @ works in High Res and if you change the DESKTOP.INF it will also work in Medium Res,    Brill Eh!.        Last message in this scroller. . . . . . . Affoligies 4 all the smelling pisstakes in this and previous scrollers                                      LETS WARP ( Or WRAP for that matter )

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