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Monday, July 15, 2019

Atari ST Compacted Disk (CD) Scrollers [274] Adrenalin CD #004

A classic red phone booth and Adrenalin CD #004, a good mix!

Disk Contents -
  1. Kid Gloves II
  2. Tip Off

Kid Gloves II Tip Off

Scroll Text Transcription - 

adrenalin proudly present compact disk four version 2     RELEASE DATE 4/3/92     read all scroll text     copy this disk   81 tracks   10 sectors   2 sides     press 1 for   kid gloves ii (cracked by quartex)     press 2 for   tip off (cracked by cynix / packed by pony)     did anyone notice that our version of tip off didn't work on four megs?   well, one guy did and he wrote to the contact address and now I've re-packed tip off and written a new loader. It now works on half meg and should work on four megs aswell.   please note when asked for a data disk, insert a blank formatted disk. This will then become your saved game disk.   The original game also had some big bugs, for example, if you have a team practice and you go back to the menu and select a single player game the screen goes black. So make sure you save your games regulary or the thing will crash when you don't want it to.   If you have any bug reports of adrenalin disks not working properly on your machine then write to the contact address and we'll try and put things right aswell as putting you on our mailing list, which means you'll be receiving our menus direct.   do you want that contact address?   you do?   well, there is a catch.  are you into hardcore punk?   No, that's a shame.   So, you've never heard of the   dead kennedys,   black flag,   the exploited   lard,   no means no etc. etc.   if you have heard of these bands and would like demos and flyers of new upcoming bands then we have an address for you. if you have your own band and want flyers spreading throughout the world or if you want to contact adrenalin,   write to the following address....     all said and done flyer distro     37 warwick rd     st annes on sea     lancs     fy8 ixj     england     would you like that address again?   hardcore punk flyer distrobution. for the latest selection of the best bands, zines and distros contact...     all said and done flyer distro     37 warwick rd     st annes on sea     lancs     fy8 ixj     england     that was...      all said and done flyer distro     37 warwick rd     st annes on sea     lancs     fy8 ixj     england     please note   a.d.r.   is adrenalin's official abbreviation.   so you've got no excuse for spelling adrenalin wrong.     credits for this disk are as follows.....   menu coded by   erik plankton   cracks by   quartex   and   cynix   menu pic by   biofeedback   music by   the edge (a new member)   and all packing and disk put together by   pony.     you may have noticed hijack and Eskimo in Egypt not being on the members list on the last disk.   at the time hijack was thinking of leaving the group and eskimo did a crime city hack for hotline and we thought he was about to leave also.   but i'm glad to say they are still in the group (you know it makes sense guys!!)     adrenalin members are...   pony   the monster beetle   biofeedback   hijack   eskimo in egypt   scanz   micro maniac   the edge   and   eyr.     time to greet some crews.... greets to the following....  elite  pompey pirates   genisis inc.   cynix   quartex   replicants   fuzion (esp. sharp and dragon)   factory   superior   syndicate   electronic (esp. shadow)   sonic   special fx   delta force   persistence of vision (all members)   firehawks   wild! (esp. snaz)   k.g.b.   international cracking service   all guys at 2nd generation   the untouchables (esp. mat)   fsc (esp. integral and clover)   and anyone else i've missed off the greetings list.     let's wrap!!                                                             pure energy you can't touch us!!!!

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