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Sunday, November 8, 2020

Zillion Theme from the Sega Master System - Yoshiaki Ouchi - Chiptune Cover [004] (2x YM2149 PSG)


Here is the title theme from the Sega Master System game Zillion, based on the original anime 'Red Photon Bullet Zillion' that ran in Japan in 1987.  

The actual title of this song is “Pure Stone” by Risa Yuuki, which was used for the intro to the original anime.  This version was arranged and composed for the Zillion video game by Yoshiaki Ouchi for the Sega Master System and used as the title song.  This was one of the songs I had planned to use when I first started to bring my 'own' music to menus instead of using previously ripped SNDH files, but I have so far not gotten a version that I have liked playing in 3 channels.  Funny thing is, this is only running in 4 channels from the SMS.  I just need to spend some more time on it. I am sure this song will show up on a future menu, but at this point, it will most likely be in 2021, with the December menu release (or maybe releases, though probably not 4 like last year!) getting a Christmas tune for sure.

I spent many hours playing the game this music that features this music.  I hope to do a playthru recording of the game at some point.  My best memory is scribbling down the codes in each room to input and proceed further in the adventure!  I always thought the music used in this title was very good and fitting.  I might try to see if any other tunes from the game are worth a conversion sometime later.

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