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Sunday, November 15, 2020

Galactica 1980 Theme - Stuart Phillips - Chiptune Cover [005] (4x YM2149 PSG)


Here is a chip rendition of the Galctica 1980 theme by Stu Phillips.  I cannot really describe the difference between this theme and the original theme.  This theme is quite similar to the theme used in the reboot show as the Colonial National anthem.

The specific tune is basically an item left 'on the cutting room floor'.  I had it down to running in just 3 channels for the YM for Retro PlayThru's CD #23, but I was just not happy with the pitch with the reduction of instruments playing together.  So, I had to toss it aside, at least for now, and use something different.  Anyway, I figured I would release this version of the song as it is using the four virtual YM chips.  This version works well, but I think a few points could use improvement towards the later end of the music.  

I think now I am also up to the challenge of maybe two covers before the Christmas season starts, especially since I still have a menu that needs some music!

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