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Sunday, November 1, 2020

The Mandalorian Theme - Ludwig Göransson - Chiptune Cover [003] (4x YM2149 PSG)

Here is the full version of The Mandalorian Theme, before it was converted to 3 channels to be included as the menu music for Retro PlayThrus CD #17.  

I am fairly impressed with both this original and the actual finished pieces of music and how they sound on the old YM chip.  I also really like this theme used for the series of the same name released as an expansion of the Star Wars universe on Disney+ in 2019.

While the compositions made for the TV show sound mostly different from John Williams' masterful Star Wars music, the music in no way felt out of place.  To me, there is that sci fi western feel, and the show sets compliment that.  Göransson did an excellent job of capturing the proper tone to use.  And that is not only in this piece, but in all of the music used throughout season one of the show.

At the point I converted the tune, this effort was probably the most difficult I had done.  The two Choplifter tunes were relatively easy as the source was 3 channels. The Scooby Doo music was a poor attempt, in my opinion, I have never been happy with that tune. For the music from Thexter, which was from CD #16, I do not remember any difficulties with the production, so it might have once again already been easy with just 3 instrumental components.  

Next up is most likely the theme music from Zillion. I have worked on a conversion some, but never completed it. I will post the original in all of its YM glory, which I think has just 4 channels.

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