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Sunday, November 22, 2020

The Outer Limits (1995) Theme - John Van Tongeren & Mark Mancina - Chiptune Cover [006] (6x YM2149 PSG)


Here is the new Outer Limits TV theme!  I had considered this theme for Retro PlayThrus CD #22, the Halloween release, but I did not see any path towards getting a nice working rendition of this tune on the limited 3 channels.

Even this version being played in the Arkos Tracker 2, emulating 6 total YM chips, is not quite right.  I think there is a slight timing issue with one channel, but I have not solved that problem, so far.

This theme song is from the Outer Limits remake that started airing on the Showtime movie channel in 1995, and lasted for 7 seasons, with the last season airing on the SciFi channel.  Back in this time period, Showtime had a programming block called SciFriday, with a few hours of different tv shows airing, many of which were good ones in my opinion.  While I did not watch all of these shows, besides The Outer Limits, Showtime aired Stargate SG-1 (before it's move to SciFi), Total Recall 2070, Poltergeist: The Legacy, Jeremiah,  Odyssey 5, and Deadman's Gun.  Actually, from that list, Poltergeist: The Legacy is the only show I did not watch, but my other half has put that show on the radar to view some day.

While I have not really watched the original Outer Limits from the 60s, I have seen every episode of the newer series, maybe just over half of them on their original airing, and the rest through the DVD releases from Alliance Atlantis and MGM.  And while the show is hit or miss at times, and the effects are dated, the stories are still well thought out.  At the time of this writing, in the USA, this show is airing on CometTV.  I know this because, the day I am writing this, I saw it on this afternoon!

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