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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Atari ST Compacted Disk (CD) Scrollers [584] Shaolin Masters CD #033


Here is Shaolin Masters CD #33, just 1 MIA disk from the last post from this group, and it looks like original art used for this menu as well!
Disk Contents -
  1. Fire and Brimstone
  2. Thunderstrike

Scroll Text Transcription - 

HI THERE!     ÿ              AND WELCOME                 €‚ƒ„…†‡ˆ‰Š‹ŒŽ‘’“             PRESENT MENU DISK NUMBER 33              Small sized games that are not total crap are hard to come by....... GOOD GRIEF   I don't believe I said that!           anyway I only had enough room on this disk for one small game........ and THUNDERSTRIKE got the job      this game was already packed, so I left it as it appears....... Fire & Brimstone has been laying around for a while and I can't remember who cracked, packed or whatever, unless I break out of this scroll, load it up, and run it....... NO I don't want to do that just now thankyou, You will just have to find out when you load it!   A recent story going around about a certain MOSQUE... with a copy of SATANIC VERSES  embedded in the wall, close to the altar....     has led to further revelations about another MOSQUE. this one was apparently built from stone that used to be a CHURCH...   nothing wrong with that you may say, except!......... the stone was stolen!  The story behind this stone was in the papers, a well known (by the police) person employed a gang of men to DEMOLISH this church (in Bradford I think)       UNFORTUNATELY    ÿ it was not supposed to be demolished.......... but by the time anyone realised The CHURCH had dissapeared.          the main culprit was caught and went on holiday in one of Her Majesties Palaces,   The stone went on a different holiday   I have been told it was redressed and sold to the builders of the Mosque IT GETS BETTER!!!!!!!!!           Also I am informed,  this same Mosque has embedded beneath the Altar where the koran is kept............. not one.......... but SIX paperback copies of Salmon Rusdies      SATANIC VERSES   ÿ What you make of this depends on whether you're a Muslim or not...... in either case you will have to demolish a few Mosques to find out for certain!!!!!! Which is what the CRUSADES were all about!!!        REMEMBER THEM?   ÿ        enough of this garbage....... I have more important things to do          like another MENU      Yes folks ...........   SHAOLIN MASTERS MENU 34 is next on the list......            and will contain            FLOOD +     ÿ      with trainer......     and         COMBO RACER     ÿ  by the time your reading this it will be on the rounds  and if you haven't got it at the same time as this then  smack your own legs at playtime    Its about this time again when scrollers get silly........... I only hope this will fit on the disk, if you are still reading this bit then it did, if this bit is missing, then it didn't   Now thats what I call silly!!!!!!!!!!!! The next bit is even sillier ....      GUESS WHAT?                yes             ITS GREETINGS TIME        AND A BIG HI.... goes to ....... in no order at all!                  THE ABC MAN     ÿ     K.C. WIGWAM      ÿ    AKA  K.C.VIDEO             HI GIRLS...          TOMB         ÿ      POMPEY PIRATES    ÿ        MEDWAY BOYS     ÿ      SEWER SOFTWARE   ÿ          JPM         ÿ      WIZ         ÿ   SLAYTANIC KULT    ÿ      and                 YOG         ÿ   RIPPED OFF MICK   ÿ      MAVERICK      ÿ    THE ARMLEY BEAST  ÿ       SPRITE  XL     ÿ       MERCURY       ÿ  JOANNE  PONYTAIL  ÿ  see disk 34           GANDELF       ÿ      KRONOS       ÿ      AND                 DA DO RON     ÿ      SIMON        ÿ     MARCO POLO     ÿ      THANKS GO TO         THE MEDWAY BOYS   ÿ      FOR  MORE  MUSIC             BYE FOR NOW FROM        SHAOLIN MASTERS                       HERE IT COMES AGAIN 

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