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Monday, May 20, 2019

Atari ST Compacted Disk (CD) Scrollers [234] Adrenalin CD #002

Adrenalin CD #02 with a couple sports games.

Disk Contents -
  1. World Cricket
  2. Final Blow
  3. Red Alert

World Cricket Final Blow

Red Alert
Scroll Text Transcription -

WELCOME TO ADRENALIN DISK 2 BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE MONSTER BEETLE....... ON THIS DISK YOU WILL FIND WORLD CRICKET WHICH IS THE ONLY VERSION ON A MENU AT THE MOMENT.... FINAL BLOW SHOULD HAVE BEEN RELEASED EARLIER BUT WE HAD PROBLEMS with our crack and so we decided on the Replicants trained version for this disk... Hijack went to a lot of trouble to get this disk out but after one thing and another he decided to scrap it... quite understandable as menu 2 has been on the verge of being released for some time now.. and I am not surprised that he got sick of the dam thing in the end I decided to put this disk together Pony should be doing menu 4 and Hijack is doing menu 3 so I should be back on cd 5 or 6.... I hope you got adrenalin 1 version 2 which had been re packed onto 81 tracks by Pony this disk is sqeezed onto 79 tracks So now it is much easier to copy as a 1 meg can now do it in 1 swap. and Fantasia can be sure of this disk working. to get everything on to 79 tracks I needed a very good packer and of course a low space menu I think that this menu packs down to just under 11k. making it possible to put Red alert on with the other stuff. Micro maniac should hopefuly turn out some docs for World Cricket and Red alert on a future menu Credits are as follows code by Erik Plankton graphix by our new member Bio Feedback music by mad max and cracks by The Replicants.... big thanx to matrix of Thunderforce for sending me down World cricket........ Greetz in no special order go out to The Elite Fuzion (esp Sharp and Dragon) Syndicate Electronic (esp Shadow) Insanity (esp Iceman) Sonic The Replicants Factory Now 5 Special Fx Manix of Evolution Delta Force International cracking service p.o.v (esp Mac sys data) All the guys of 2nd Generation and of course all of you...... well not much time to stay members of Adrenalin are The Monster Beetle Hijack Pony Fantasia Eskimo In Egypt Bio Feedback Scanz (sorry for the delay) Micro Maniac (sorry for the delay) The fonze Axl and Murhpy thats a wrap..............................Adrenalin 

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