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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Atari ST Compacted Disk (CD) Scrollers [547] Bad Brew Crew (BBC) CD #033

Here is BBC CD #33, no scroll text this time, but captured to come close to completing the BBC set on YouTube!

Disk Contents -

  1. Line of Fire
  2. Mig 29 - Soviet Fighter


  1. Hi.
    Just saw your nice blog and channel today. Cool work!
    I've been ripping a lot of Atari ST scroll-texts lately, since my main interest is in Atari ST fonts, and I'm looking for credits :)
    I've posted in demozoo many of the scrolltexts I extracted from various menus and demos.
    If that'l help you, I can send to you from now on the scrolltexts I rip, because usually I delete them after I post them on demozoo.
    I cannot find your contact info anywhere.
    If you're interested to communicate, please let me know how to reach you,


  2. BTW, in case you want to use them, you can find my edits in demozoo here:
    Just follow the links.
    I do not "clean" the texts. I post them as they were originally in memory. Special chars and all...