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Sunday, February 2, 2020

Retro PlayThrus C.I.D. Compacted Disk #014 Release!

Here is Retro PlayThrus C.I.D. Compacted Disk #014, continuing on the theme of CD #013, this disk mainly a collection of 'Firsts!'  Almost all included items are the first creations by their authors.

A zipped MSA disk image (for use in STEEM/SAINT/Hatari/etc or to be written to floppy) can be downloaded here.

New music again, at least new to the YM2149!  The music is from the Sega Master System game Choplifter, and I did the conversion.  This is from round 3 of the game!  SNDH files are included on the disk for the round 1 music used on CD #013 and round 3 music.

Some credits -
Menu code by MSD/POV
Most items compressed with UPX 3.95
Music - Choplifter Round 3 (SMS) by Tokuhiko Uwabo (上保徳彦) converted to the ST by Mouse Master!

Here is a list of the various screens contained in this compilation -

First Demo by The Crusaders
The First Demo by A.B.S
First Hybris Demo by Hybris
First Intro by I.M.A
Our 1st Demo by Michael Jackson Software
First Release by Paranoia
First Screen by Orion
SpyJack First Intro by SpyJack
First Demo by The Bytechangers
First Intro by The Chaos Lords
First Demo by The Disaster Crew
Techno Vision First Demo by United Vision
Tom's First Intro by Tom Ohawk
First Demo by The Sign Of Four
Their First Demo by The Wonderboys
Acid Mix by The Formation Crew

And a quick sampling of some of the included screens -

First Intro by I.M.A SpyJack First Intro by SpyJack

First Intro by The Chaos Lords Their First Demo by The Wonderboys

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