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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Atari ST Compacted Disk (CD) Scrollers [141] Pompey Pirates CD #006 

The Pompey Pirate's are back with CD #006 contain a long Alien scroll text, I mean 2 titles!

Disk Contents -
  1. F-16 Combat Pilot
  2. F-16 Combat Pilot 1.22 (editor)
  3. Midi Maze

F-16 Combat Pilot F-16 Combat Pilot 1.22 (editor)

Midi Maze

Scroll Text Transcription -

‘’“”•–—€ DISK #6!       €  ‚ ƒ         „…†‡ˆ‰Š‹Œ strikes again!         Apparently there's a rumour that we're not cracking these games ourself, and are just buying cracked versions off someone else.   This is grade A Bullshi...    If it says cracked by The Alien or Ian H., then it IS!    If we use other people's cracks, we leave their credits in and give them a thankyou in the scroller!        Don't be alarmed when the computer resets to load F-16... it's the only way I could get it to run on all machines- the explanation is far too boring...!      Important: as far as I know, this version of F-16 Combat Pilot is the only one on the planet that doesn't crash when you complete all the campaigns.  The original crashes, the Replicants version hasn't rectified it, the OTHER version is also well bugged.    Don't blame the people who cracked it- blame the programmers!   Anyway, I fixed the bug and it is now possible to complete the game and see the nice end screen.  Any complaints, Des?    Don't know how to play F-16?  Read the DOC file.  Run the cockpit guide!   Not much good at it?   Use the pilot editor!!             Midi Maze too... old but great, especially if you have a couple of mates to shoot in the back... DOC file again.       This disk finished on the 17th of September 1989...   big hurry all because of the Guardians Of Logik!  I could've hung around for another week if Steve R. hadn't promised to send you lot SIX disks...        Big apologies time... Apparently TV Sports Football has digitised sound- the copy we received wasn't copied properly and so we never knew until now. Too late to redo disk 5 so SORRY!!    Anyone who gives us stuff: please do check it as much as possible before sending it to us. We've already had a single level demo of Blood Money and Passing Shot instead of the full games, a file missing from the Populous data disk... no more please!                       Coming on disk #9...   Populous plus the Promised Lands extension!  Possibly Dark Fusion if it will pack small enough.       For disk #8... Dream Zone (a mega pack by Ian H. from 3 disks to 1!) and whatever else will fit.     From 10 onwards I don't know yet but Archipelagos file version compatible with half meg is likely.         Less likely are High Steel and Gemini Wing- if we do have them, they'll probably be one meg only (sob). I hate programmers who don't use files!!                At last, the moment the world has been waiting for in eager anticipation...        MEGA GREETINGS to this following list of personages, demigods, criminal organisations and generally cool guys:   Lawz (love the Promised Lands!), Mickey Mutants, Tony C., Trevor of The Alliance, Winny and The Guardians Of Logik (looking forward to your compacts), Colin K. (fonts done yet?), Ken (yeah, that's you Ken- the one who bought Goldrush and Buffalo Bill!), Pete and finally Vino (which of the following are you?  1: Very shy   2: Very busy  3: Very lazy  4: Non existent...  turn up some time!).          Normal greetings (but not substandard greetings, I hasten to add!) to this lot:   The Medway Boys, BBC, Automation, The Union, Rob C., Ozzwald and the MCA.              Pompey Pirates has shrunk...   We now consist of this lot:  „…†‡ˆ‰Š‹Œ, STEVE R., IAN H., RICHARD III and DES.   Sort of on the outskirts are:  MARK L. (graphics- loved menu 5 Mark!) and ANDY.  What's happening Ian C.?  Are you with us or what?                   Insults time I think...   Slimy pus and oozing putrefaction onto the heads of the following people who dare upset the Alien's ego...   Des 'Lost? It's just the scenic route, and anyway, I've always wanted to see Birmingham',  err... that's it.                Alright, that's all- now play a game will you?                        More?               Okey dokey...         I thought my ego was bad until I saw Birdy's Gemini Wing intro!           Music for the deaf...    Dum de dum dah doody dum doo dah.... Da da! Dum dee diddly doooooaaahhh dee deda duh dum... dum!             For viewers watching in black and white, the red ball is next to your John Thomas along with it's brother...  Oo-er              They say I'm paranoid- it's just a conspiracy I tell you!                Anyone who is likely to be offended by obscenities, blasphemy and general nawtiness should turn off their computer NOW!          Right, that's got rid of Mary Whitehouse. What? You were expecting swear words and stuff? Tough shi...            Anyone got Aliens III yet?      Yes?    Lying scumbag!         Computer detonation in  10    9    8    7    6    5    4    3    2    1    0                    BANG      BOOM     ZAP     KAPOW.   Hey, you can only do so much with scrolling text you know!           The above picture is a heavily tarted up version of the promotion screen in Combat Pilot- it used to be really simple- jagged lines, crappy shading, awful primary colors... what do you think of my improvements?             I should be doing this for money you know...      Oh, and the music is ripped from a hacked version of Obliterator.             And now... the amazing, inexplicably exciting really long sentence that loses all meaning while scrolling on to the screen in such a convoluted manner that by the time you get to the end, you've completely forgotten what the hell you were reading about in the first place!                          Useless greetings to people who will probably never read this anyway...   Hi to Sigourney Weaver, H.R. Giger, Arthur C. Clarke, Ezekiel, Douglas Adams, Nostradamus... no, hang on, he might have foreseen me typing this...                 Totally self indulgent greetings to people who deserve it because they've sat and waited this long...   Hi to Stud, Rob A., Mark, Julian, Tom, Flex, Emma, Taffy, Miles, Troy, Farid (let's have that drive back so I can flog it!), Mike C., Greg the Mad and Loverboy... (How's Fiona, then?!).                  Not gone yet?          Hello, are you dead?        Press 1, 2 or 3!       Yeah, those little grey boxes between ESC and 4...          Beep beep. Earth calling you!              No, it's no good guys- I think this one's snuffed it. I didn't realise my messages were fatal. What should we do?   Yeah, that'll do.      EXCUSE ME!!   YES, YOU!   See this human slumped by the computer?   Yeah, that one.   We think it's dead.    Could you check please?         It's just asleep?   The bloody cheek!       OI YOU!   WAKE UP!!      Ah, back with the living I see... well, all I can say is  

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