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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Twilight Zone - Golden Earring - Chiptune Cover [002] (2x YM2149 PSG)

Here is Golden Earring's song 'Twilight Zone' running in Arkos Tracker 2, with 6 channels of audio, which amounts to running off of 2 YM2149 PSG chips.  A version of this song, reduced to 3 channels to play on the Atari ST, appears on Retro PlayThrus CD #22 as the background music.

With a planned disk release coming in October, I began brainstorming on music to use.  After going through a few different pieces, I settled on wanting to try to use either this song, or 'This is Halloween' from the Nightmare Before Christmas.  From my early testing, getting 'This is Halloween' to work well on the Atari ST's sound chip and sound even vaguely recognizable started to become a task I was not yet up to doing.  I believe I could have done a conversion, but too much would have been lost with only 3 channels without a lot of creativity put into the mix.

I was able to get a reasonable sounding 'Twilight Zone' working, as heard here, and then I was able to further reduce that down to a SNDH for the CD release.  

I am sure more tweaks could be made to this song, but I am fairly happy with the sound. While this might not sound close to the music as used in the Twilight Zone Pinball machine from Bally, I immediately pictured that machine in my head every time I was playing this back.    


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