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Sunday, October 18, 2020

The Drift - Blackmill - Chiptune Cover [001] (5x YM2149 PSG)

And here today is born a new age, an age of...  Oops wrong script.  Welcome to a potential new series of video postings.  I say potential mainly because of the time investment it takes to create this specific type of content.  As of now, these videos, or songs, are basically creations from my attempts to take songs I like, and convert them for use with the series of Retro PlayThru's Compacted Disk menus I release on a monthly basis at the blog for the Atari ST.  

First, the music in this capture:  This is Blackmill's 'The Drift' from the album 'Miracles', and this specific composition is based on the sheet music from, which I believe originally appeared in the artist's description for the song posted on

Arkos Tracker 2 ( is the software shown here playing the song.  Presently there are 13 tracks (or channels) being used, which would equate to using 5 YM2149 PSGs, with each chip supporting 3 channels.

I am by no means a musician.  I can read music, barely.  When I decided to go down the path of creating the above-mentioned compacted disks, this was done for learning about the various and numerous aspects of the Atari ST.  My work towards learning took a serious hit with some personal events in the last half of 2019, and the global events of 2020, but I have still managed to barely keep up with a basic production schedule for YouTube and disk releases; however, I am just keeping up now. Gone is the luxurious cushion of production backlog I had in 2019 that literally carried everything I did through the end of the year.  With these issues, I shifted from working on assembly learning to trying to come up with 'new' music to use on these disks rather than older music rips or mod files.  It is much easier for me to start working on music versus doing the same for work in m68k asm, with the time constraints due to the current conditions.  As such, there has been a lot of material left on the 'cutting room floor' via either failed attempts, or never being able to properly get a composition to sound good, etc.

The Drift is a song I have wanted to get on one of my disk releases for a while!  I have not yet been happy with the way it sounded in Arkos Tracker, until now.  I know the sound might not be to everyone's taste, but I think it sounds good.  The next step though, which might lay this tune on the cutting room floor, is to try to take the 14 channels of sound produced, and reduce that to 3 channels, and then see how well that works on the Atari ST.  I think it is a possibility, and this might be the music to end up on the Retro PlayThrus disk to be released in November, but optimism does not always turn into reality.

The next tune to be posted following this one is Twilight Zone, by Golden Earring.

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