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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Chessmaster 2000 - Atari ST [022] PlayThru

Title Screen
More computer chess!  Nice graphics, and nice sampled speech.  I guess the AI is a decent challenge.  I certainly have never been much good at winning.

Gameplay - 2D
The game offers a 2D and 3D view, wood or metal pieces, and allows a selection of colors.  I found it difficult to play using the 3D board, so I play the 2D board here.

And, I won...  (With some help of a website to make the moves!)
Gameplay - 3D

This title definitely gets the job done, and I will try to check out the Atari 8-bit version shortly!

Box Cover
Capture info -

This gameplay was captured on May 31, 2018.

Game was played on an Atari 1040 STf, TOS 1.4, 1MB, equipped with a CosmosEX from Jookie.
A Best Electronics ST Monitor to VGA cable was used, connected to an OSSC 1.6 (processing the video in Line4x mode), with the output being captured by a Startech USB3HDCAP.

Video was edited with Shotcut.

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