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Monday, December 3, 2018

Atari ST Compacted Disk (CD) Scrollers [110] Broken Lance CD #006

Teenage Mutant Ninja (Hero?) Turtles bring us Broken Lance CD #06, and, unfortunately, all other Broken Lance disks are MIA.....

Disk Contents -
  1. Batman - The Movie
  2. Thundercats

Batman - The Movie Thundercats
Scroll Text Transcription -

YES IT'S      MENU 6      FROM BROKEN LANCE                       CREDITS:-          CODE BY     DODGY KING AND ROYAL JESTER,     GRAPHICS BY    BROKEN LANCE,     FONT BY     DODGY KING,     MUSIC RIPPED BY      DODGY KING          NOW THATS OVER WE WILL GO TO THE GREETINGS,          PERSONAL HI TO      DODGY DUO,  FRED,     KEI,     SHAUGHAN.......               NORMAL GREET'S GO TO:-         NEW ORDER,      POMPEY PIRATES,     THE MEDWAY BOYS,     AUTOMATION,     BBC,     HOTLINE,     FCC     AND     YOU.....              IT'S COMING ROUND AGAIN     >>>>>     >>>>>     >>>>>   

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