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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Shanghai - Atari ST [019] PlayThru

This title is definitely a pass.  The rules for the game are fine, but there is no music.  It was a waste of money when we got it new back in the 80s!

My biggest problem is the the board layout.  The Sega Master System version used a semi 3D perspective to help differentiate layers on the board where the tiles were stacked.  This release just uses colors.  Too me, at least, that is not enough help.  The way the Sega port did this was a much better choice.

So, if the perspective were changed, I would say this was an OK title, instead of the eye strainer it currently is.

While researching this title, I learned a port of this also exists for the Atari 800/XL/XE, but it was released only in Germany. I will have to see if I can locate it, and capture it also.

Capture info -

This gameplay was captured on May 25, 2018.

Game was played on an Atari 1040 STf, TOS 1.4, 1MB, equipped with a CosmosEX from Jookie.
A Best Electronics ST Monitor to VGA cable was used, connected to an OSSC 1.6 (processing the video in Line4x mode), with the output being captured by a Startech USB3HDCAP.

Video was edited with Shotcut.

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