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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Atari ST Compacted Disk (CD) Scrollers [101] Safari CD #001

Safari's CD #01 with an interesting menu picture, and a vertical scroller.

Disk Contents -

  1. Llamatronn [512k/1MB]
  2. Revenge of the Mutant Camels
  3. Devpack 2.23
  4. The 3D Megaballs Screen preview
  5. Pack-Ice 2.40
  6. Protracker Replay 1.1b

Llamatronn [512k/1MB] Revenge of the Mutant Camels

The 3D Megaballs Screen preview
Scroll Text Transcription -

   ** safari menu 1 **
 hello and welcome to the first and hopefully not the last safari menu  we are a new group who are specialising in nothing, so anything that appears on  are disks could range from a game to a pd utility  the reason for this is that the majority of groups on the
 st only put games on the menus some of these groups are good (adrenalin)  some bad (pure energy) this is my opinion (me being panther).   anyway enough of this now let me hand you over to RHINO. i would like to say how good pearl jam is but if you have good taste you should  already know this. i would like to thank my family for bringing me up and making me the fine and law abiding person that i am today  (hey f.a.s.t. kiss my butt). now i suppose i,d best hand over gazelle (boo hiss).

 panthers roars out his greetz to - all members of *safari* (rhino,gazelle,excel?)  adrenalin(esp electrode) pure energy(rhino says hi) b*o*d(mr magnetic mind)  undertakers(esp donut)  northside(esp mani)  rhino says hello to :- pure energy  syncro systems(esp aubrey)  paramanix(esp axell)  kev  mark  danny  jolly roger   now officialish greets to :- pompey pirates'superior'thamks to kev for the picture'cynix'elite'quartex'pov(esp boris and msd)'and a special dedication to the
  long departed automation.   
  well before i go credits for this menu are as follows.
  main coding,optomising,helping the other members learn to code!!,bad spelling -panther-
  scroll lines -gazelle-  font,font converter,text converter -rhino-
  well hope you enjoy this   wrap    

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