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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Ikari Warriors - Atari ST [009] PlayThru

Title Screen
NOTE: A trainer was used for making this capture.

Ah, SNK's vertical run and gun!  I remember this game from the arcade, and I always hated the rotary joystick.  I can remember some people saying this game was basically two player Commando, but I do think SNK did enough to differentiate the two titles.

The Rambo infleunce is visable though, from the pixel art to the game objective of rescuing of the colonel.  I'm not saying that this is a bad thing.

Ikari Warriors would see two sequels: Victory Road, which appeared on the ST, and Ikari II: The Rescue.  The main characters characters of Ralf and Clark would make appearances in the later Metal Slug games, as well as various titles in the King of Fighters franchise.

Box Front
I always enjoyed the Atari ST port.  While I can not speak definitively to if the level design is the same as the arcade, I think most of the functionality is present.  Gone is the rotary movement, but you can lock your fighter into an angle firing position with a keypress instead of the firing position following the direction of the joystick, which is the default.

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Once again, like Commando, grenades are used by holding down the fire button due to the ST controller only having 1 button.  I'm still not a fan of this usage.  Two player simultaneous play is supported also.  I guess if I did have a complaint, there is a slowdown issue when too many things are going on on the screen, but this was almost standard on numerous games in the 80s and 90s.

The tune heard in the intro is a sampling of the music from the arcade version of the game.

Arcade Flyer
Capture info -

This gameplay was captured on March 31, 2018.

Game was played on an Atari 1040 STf, TOS 1.4, 1MB, equipped with a CosmosEX from Jookie.
A Best Electronics ST Monitor to VGA cable was used, connected to an OSSC 1.6 (processing the video in Line4x mode), with the output being captured by a Startech USB3HDCAP.

Video was edited with Shotcut.

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