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Sunday, November 14, 2021

Atari ST Cracktro [153] Ford Perfect from Speedball


Here is a cracktro from Ford Perfect that was attached to their release of Speedball from 1988!

This is a nice screen with lots of action for a cracktro.  We have music from the game Warhawk from another Atari ST chip tune legend, Rob Hubbard, playing in the background.  In the middle of the screen is a scroller that resembles the dot matrix displays pinball machines started using in 1991!  I really like it, especially since the scroller is using both upper and lower case.  At the bottom of the screen are 3 rapidly spinning triangles of different colors that also overlay each other slightly and display yet another color.  And finally at the top, 'SPEED BALL" is bouncing on the layer behind the groups name.  A very nice presentation!

Capture info -

This video was captured on October 28, 2021.

This video was captured with STeem and OBS.

Video was edited with Shotcut.

Scroll Text Transcription - 

Hello everybody ! This is Mr. Hack at the keyboard. I'm writing this scroller, 'cause Ford Perfect is still working on his depacking-routine for R-TYPE, so I'm typing all that stuff now. We proudly present you >>> SPEEDBALL <<< a very nice game and even the best soccer-like (or better handball-like) game on the ST. At this place, special thanx must go to BBC for the original. It was one of those games released in the last time that are uncopyable, but the protection itself was not hidden very well, so it took FP only about 45 minutes to crack it while watching a film on TV. The only thing he had to do was removing an endless-loop ( loop: BRA.S loop ==> NOP ) and inserting an RTS. When you start it, the similarities to XENON (also written by The Bitmap Brothers) are obvious. Compare the tokens appearing on the playfield with those from XENON. By the way, here comes a little explanation to those tokens; There are two different types of tokens, the 'save & collect' and 'immediate effect'. The 'immediate effects' are: 'F' Freeze opposing team 'R' Reduce opponent's speed 'P' Protect own team 'S' Increase own stamina 'D' Decrease opponent's stamina 'G' Get ball 'M' 8-way electron burst 'E' Electron bolt 'W' Transform ball into weapon 'J' Reverse joystick control The other tokens ('save & collect') let you choose between 10 options after a match if collected enough. Ok, now the greetings: Maxwell, Maverick, Kay, Ralf, Tomcat, Oliver, Thomas Fries (shall I really write down your address ?), Steve, Marcus, Lucy, Fred, Stefan (from Essen), JW, Carsten, Sven, Jan, Pino, Thomas, Andre. Ok folks, this scroller is finished, I wish you a nice time with >>> SPEEDBALL <<< and we both say you: BYE-BYE If you still want to read on our scroller, you'll be sorry, because it starts anew in a few seconds, so start press one of those buttons in front of you, catch your joystick and enjoy playing ...

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