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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Retro PlayThrus C.I.D. Compacted Disk #030 Release!


Here is Retro PlayThrus CD #30!  It just barely squeaked it's way out, as I am assembling the last bits just before the scheduled posting.  Ultimately, major quality drop due to too many time commitments in the last month.  Not sure what will be in store for another CD release.  I did manage another disk for of BBStros for the ST.  I might have enough left for 1 more, but it would be mostly STe base.
A zipped MSA disk image (for use in STEEM/SAINT/Hatari/etc or to be written to floppy) can be downloaded here.

Some credits -
Menu code by MSD/POV
Most items compressed with UPX 3.96
Music - Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode - MOD Music

Here is a list of the cracktros and demos included on the release -
  1.  Ad.Lib BBS Demo II by James Bolton 
  2.  Frontier BBS Demo 2 by The Light Team 
  3.  Lynx BBS Demo by Lynx 
  4.  Lynx BBS Demo 3 by Lynx 
  5.  Madhouse BBS by Universal Coders 
  6.  Megadeath BBS by Snake 
  7.  Adventure BBS Intro by Diamond Design 
  8.  Nightbox BBS by ACF Design Team 
  9.  Pleasure Station 9 BBS Demo by Spock 
  10. Outer Planes BBS (1)
  11.  Vodka BBS by Reward 
  12.  The X Factor BBS Slideshow by Spontain 

And here are a few screenshots from this disk -

Megadeath BBS by Snake 

Madhouse BBS by Universal Coders 

Ad.Lib BBS Demo II by James Bolton 

Frontier BBS Demo 2 by The Light Team 

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