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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Paradox 15k Xmas Intro by Paradox - Atari ST Demo - 25ish More Days of Christmas - Day [23/25]


Here is another demo that is Christmas in name only, released on December 24, 2003: the Paradox 15k Xmas Intro by Paradox.  

This demo has three tunes, a larger sized scroller that takes maybe 40% of the lower part of the screen while it scrolls over a large Paradox logo, and a two color background image.  When the music selection is changed, the colors of the background image also change.  All in all, it makes for a nice little screen.

Capture info -

This video was captured on October 24, 2020.

Due to current conditions and lack of time, this video was captured with STeem and OBS.

Video was edited with Shotcut.

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