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Thursday, July 2, 2020

Retro PlayThrus C.I.D. Compacted Disk #019 Release!

Arrrr matey, here be Retro PlayThrus C.I.D. Compacted Disk #019!  Assembled very quickly!

A zipped MSA disk image (for use in STEEM/SAINT/Hatari/etc or to be written to floppy) can be downloaded here.

Some credits -
Menu code by MSD/POV
Most items compressed with UPX 3.96
Music - Music - "He's A Pirate" composed by Klaus Baselt and roughly converted to the YM bu Mouse Master.

Here is a list of the disk contents -
  1.  Not So Ultimate GFA Demo by Cat Development 
  2.  Star-Tel BBS Intro by Steven Gee 
  3.  Limited Balls by The Friendship Cooperation 
  4.  Spaceballs by The Friendship Cooperation 
  5.  BTG Demo by Spider 
  6.  Rings of Medusa Cracktro by The Deprotecting Association 
  7.  Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix Cracktro by The Replicants / The Union 

And here are a few screenshots from this disk -

 Not So Ultimate GFA Demo Star-Tel BBS Intro

BTG Demo Rings of Medusa Cracktro

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