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Saturday, May 2, 2020

Retro PlayThrus C.I.D. Compacted Disk #017 Release!

Here is Retro PlayThrus C.I.D. Compacted Disk #017, more new music, two mega demos, and four Hotline cracktros.  Maybe the subtitle for this release should have been 'Quarantine Special.".

A zipped MSA disk image (for use in STEEM/SAINT/Hatari/etc or to be written to floppy) can be downloaded here.

As the scroller says, the content of this menu is not what was planned, but the menu image and music were put together a while ago.  I am actually relatively happy with this conversion of 'The Mandalorian' main theme.  The SNDH file for the music will hopefully show up on CD #18, which will most likely have the contents that this menu was supposed to have.

Some credits -
Menu code by MSD/POV
Most items compressed with UPX 3.95
Music -  originally by Ludwig Göransson, converted to the ST by Mouse Master!

Celestial Power Megademo -
  1. Celestial Power INTRO
  2. Toxic Goes 68000 (The Dark)
  3. Beast Goes Big (The Ace)
  4. Greetings
  5. Music Demo
  6. The Corp
  7. No More STOS ("B" Vision)
  8. So Called Demo
  9. No Name
  10. Celestial Power MENU
Death Megademo -
  1. Death MegaDemo MENU
  2. Death 
  3. DEATH+Borderscr
  4. The EMPERORO Guest Screen
  5. Digi-Sounds
Cracktros -
  1.  First Person Pinball Cracktro by Hotline
  2.  Space Harrier Extra Levels Cracktro by Hotline 
  3.  Starflight Cracktro by Hotline 
  4.  Web Of Terror Cracktro by Hotline and The Menacing Cracking Alliance 
 And a few screenshots!

Celestial Power INTRO Music Demo

The EMPERORO Guest Screen Web Of Terror Cracktro

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