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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Atari ST Compacted Disk (CD) Scrollers [434] Section One CD #011

Here is Section One CD #11, and let me put my grumpy old man hate on for a minute, I have NEVER been a fan of menus where the list of contents is not on the screen but in the scroller.  Section One is pretty guilty of this, but so are other groups!

Disk Contents -

  1. Cyberdrome
  2. Rebellion

Cyberdrome Rebellion

Scroll Text Transcription -

 HELLO EVERYBODY AND WELCOME TO SECTION ONE   COMPACT COLLECTION NUMBER 11 . ,     ON THIS MENU YOU WILL FIND     CYBERDROME     CRACKED BY THE I.C.S  AND  REBELION      CRACKED BY D-BUG         YOU MIGHT HAVE  THIS GAME ALREADY        B.U.T  WHO GIVES A SHIT !!!!!                       O.K FOLKS HERE ARE THE CREDITS..............    INTRO CODE BY WTP            SECTION ONE LOGO BY ????    THE REST OF THE GFX WAS DONE BY EMLING         MUSIC BY EXECELLANCE IN ART      MENU COMPILATION AND PACKING BY   KRS-ONE           WELL I AM NOT GUNNA SAY ANY MORE SHIT,SO I BETTER DUSS OUT AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!           MENU 12 SOON...........NOT                         MAYBE      .    .    .    .           P.S   BIG FUCKS TO ALL MENU RIPPERS                                                 KICKING IN 1993                 ÿ    GREETINGS AND RESPECTS GOES OUT TO              ELITE     ESP. SLEDGE AND SIDEWINDER        ATF   ESP. DF         REPLICANTS     ESP. ELLFIRE        HEKTIK        PURE ENERGY     ESP. BFG         E TRIPPER        SYNERGY     ESP. CHROME         LYNX        CHRONICLE     ESP. EXTERMINATOR         STRANGER     ESP. FREDDY        ADR     ESP. MOOKIE         JIMBO        GIANTS        THE JOKER         ZAPHOD BEEBLEBROX AND TROED OF  I.C.S         QUASAR  AND  WIZARD        JOHN FROM CRAWLEY         AND TO MY SLAPPER MUCKER           MR.MIDI                             AND MASSIVE GREETS GO OUT TO ALL MEMBERS OF SECTION ONE WHO ARE      ZODIAC    KRS-ONE   WTP   BLADE RUNNER  AND  RED LICHIE                           WEST HAM UTD FOR DIV 1                           KICK IT...                            ÿ     ENO NOITCES   ÿ   HELLO     PEEPS !  PRESS 1     FOR    CYBERDROME           PRESS 2     FOR     REBELION

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