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Saturday, November 2, 2019

Retro PlayThrus C.I.D. Compacted Disk #008 Release!

Charlie Brown and Snoopy bring us a Thanksgiving miracle, it's CD #08!  I am not sure how I found the time to assemble this disk!  This time there is a wide variety of 9 entries included!

A zipped MSA disk image (for use in STEEM/SAINT/Hatari/etc or to be written to floppy) can be downloaded here.

Some credits -
Menu code by MSD/POV
Music "Gritty " from Section One CD #06 by Excellence In Art
Most items compressed with UPX 3.95
Menu Pic - PD clip art converted to the ST.

The contents of this disk was tested in STeem with TOS 1.0, and on my US 1040 STf with 1 Meg and TOS 1.4.

Here is a list of the various screens contained in this compilation -

CA-Demo / Zink
Scrap Dates / The Berlin Chaots
Bart Demo / KGB
Marto / Supremacy and Typhoon
Another Release /  ST Amigos
Xenon 2 Cracktro / ACA
A Trick Of The Light / The Conceptors
Spy vs Spy 3 Cracktro / ST Amigos
New Intro / A-Team

And a quick sampling of some of the included screens -

Scrap Dates by The Berlin Chaots Another Release by ST Amigos

A Trick Of The Light by The Conceptors  New Intro by A-Team

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