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Monday, March 25, 2019

Atari ST Compacted Disk (CD) Scrollers [194] Automation CD #052

Automation CD #052 with the classic title Karateka!

Disk Contents -
  1. Zany Golf
  2. Karateka

Zany Golf  Karateka

Scroll Text Transcription -

---->     WELCOME TO DISK 52  -  AUTOMATION DISK 2!           WELL HERE WE ARE AGAIN, THIS IS RAPIDLY BECOMING A VERY COMMON OCCURENCE!          BUT, ANYWAY ON WITH THE SCROLL.        ONLY TWO GAMES ON THIS DISK BUT CONSIDERING THAT ZANY GOLF IS ONE OF THEM, I DO NOT THINK THAT IT IS TOO BAD.         WELL THIS DISK WAS RELEASED AT THE SWINTON CLUB ON THE 16/2/89 BY THE ONE AND ONLY AUTOMATION!!!!!!!!!                  WE MUST SAY HI TO  SERVO(WOT NO LIGGIE), PIRASOFT/ACU, CLIMAX, SPECIAL FX, THE ELITE SQUAD, FINAL, TINMAN, A-HA, ASTRONUT, W.A.C.C., THE UN-NAMABLES AND ALL OUR OTHER FRIENDS AND CONTACTS!                 NOW A FEW IMPORTANT NOTES TO REMEMBER       1. BEWARE OF A.B.C.MAN OR HE WILL RIP YOU OFF       2. IF YOU WANT TO GET INTO IT, YOU HAVE TO GET OUT OF IT          3. THERE IS NO POINT 3          4. PLEASE, PLEASE TELL US IF YOU SEE ANY OF OUR STUFF WITH 'TEXT-EDITED' CHANGES!               5. NO POOFTERS               6. BEWARE OF KEVIN FROM WAKEFIELD                ATIRI    <---  THAT WAS THIS MENU'S (ONE AND ONLY?) SPELLING MISTAKE.   OH WELL, I AM NOW BORED, SO I THINK I WILL NOW SIGN OFF AND GO TO BED.      NIGHT    NIGHT                                                ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ                                                          FGHI WY925771      967 #$&^UHI786G*(&^(*$D8       NOW CONNECTING!!!               OK, ACCESS GAINED   --->               HAVE YOU EVER SEEN AN ATARI ST BLOW UP?         WELL WE HAVE DISCOVERED A WAY OF MAKING YOUR RAM CHIPS EXPLODE!                 5          4          3          2          1                   SYS CHECK   -   RAM FAULT, TURN YOUR MACHINE OFF NOW!!                     BY THE WAY DO YOU KNOW WHAT L.S.D. STANDS FOR?                   NO!             DO YOU WANT ME TO TELL YOU?                     YES!                   WELL JUST BETWEEN YOU AND ME L.S.D.     STANDS           FOR         ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????       --->

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