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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Atari ST Cracktro [004] Mr. Atari from Defender of the Crown

Main Screen
I will not have too many stories to write for 'CrackTros' (Demo screens that appeared as introductions to cracked video games) as I did not have very many of these back in the day.  I am mainly recording these now because they are art, and need to be preserved.  I will also attempt to transcribe the scroll text, which will be posted in a companion blog entry linked below.

Having captured a playthru of Defender of the Crown, I decided to capture the any cracktros for the game I could locate.

The only bit I would add here is that the text used for the scroller really reminds me of a front used in various Atari 8-bit games.
Marked Title Screen

DemoZoo Entry -
Fujiology Download (Extracted ST Intro Only!) -

Capture info -

This video was captured on March 14, 2018.

The demo was played on an Atari 1040 STf, TOS 1.4, 1MB, equipped with a CosmosEX from Jookie.
A Best Electronics ST Monitor to VGA cable was used, connected to an OSSC 1.6 (processing the video in Line4x mode), with the output being captured by a Startech USB3HDCAP.

Video was edited with Shotcut.

Transcription of the Scroll Text:

Mr. ATARI presents Defender of the Crown!!  Greetings to: Robin of Desaster Area, KGM, MMC, DMA, Hcc, TEX, 42-Crew, CSS, Blowfly, Dr. Byte, B.O.S.S, Oli, Hulk, BCC, Paulchen, GMC, OMEGA & Myxin of AOD/GCA, E.C.C, TFC, The Summyboys, KGB, TNT-Crew and to everyone we forgot to mention. ... This intro was written by The Gigabyte Crew!!  (WRAP)

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