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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Atari ST Compacted Disk (CD) Scrollers [002] Pompey Pirates CD #001 

First disk of just over 100 releases from the Pompey Pirates.

DemoZoo Entry -
Fujiology Download (Extracted ST Intro Only!) -
Pouët Entry -

Disk contents -
  1. New Zealand Story
  2. Rick Dangerous
  3. Grid Runner

New Zealand Story Rick Dangerous

Grid Runner
Transcription of the Scroll Text:

POMPEY PIRATES COMPACT DISK #1     The first of many... Read the DOC file on this disk!  Pompey Pirates policy: No Crap! We'll be cracking and packing anything good that we get our hands on, and also including games cracked by others which would otherwise not turn up on compact disks for some time... (Thanks to BBC and Neil from Cor Blimey for the New Zealand Story and Rick Dangerous cracks) A lot of it will be bang up to date, but there'll also be some golden oldies that are worth getting...     YOU WILL SEE NO CRAP FROM US!      þ If it's crap, we won't waste your time and ours putting it on a disk which could otherwise have some decent games on it!     To copy this disk it's best to use the copier built into New Zealand Story- the disk is a little weird; it's formatted to 83 tracks, 11 sectors per track and is double sided. The NZ Story copier is the only one around that will copy it relatively quickly. Single sided users: sorry, but if you want to play NZ Story you're not in luck. You can drag off the files onto a single sided disk so you can play the other two but NZ Story uses data on side 2 of the disk.                 Thanks to Was (Not Was) for FNTMEN32.S without which this scroll would have been a long time coming...        Pompey Pirates consists of: Alien, Des, Ian, Steve, Andy and Richard the Third.              I feel the need...     the need for...       SPEED!!             **GREETINGS** to Ian C., Iron Lord, Automation, BBC, Medway Boys, MCA, The Union and all crackers!!   Slightly less mega greetings to: Stud, Jo, Suzanne, Tara, Kev, Farid, Tom, Colin, Miles, Chris, Maria, Gormo, Rob, Karen, Graham, Mandy, Troy, Mike, Mark C., Mark and Greg the Mad.                A big FUCK OFF to Malcolm Bray- if you ever hear of him, DON'T give him anything- he's just a jerk hanger-on and you'll never get anything in return. To top that, the turd's a squealer- just because he didn't get a share when certain arcade machines gave up their riches to the needy, (Yes, that's you Farid!) Malcolm 'Fat Ugly Smelly Spotty and Impotent' Bray actually squealed to the SU who called the cops!! Of course, the cops weren't interested so eat shit and die Bray you tosser!!

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